5 DIY Ways to Decorate your Room with Plants

Let there be Green! Using these easy DIY decorating ideas with plants you can turn any room into a “green room”. And the best part about it – you can use plants such as succulents that need very little care, or you can make your decorations edible and super healthy by using microgreens trays. Pick any one of our ideas or use them all, you can utilize as many or as few plants as you like!

1. Pimp your flowerpots

Everybody has some old flowerpots sitting around, or you can buy some very cheap in thrift stores or at flea markets. With the help of some masking tape, ceramic or acrylic paint you can spruce up these pots to where they shine no matter how plain the plant inside them. Try metallic and pastel color combinations and you can make a whole row of pots with the same plant look dazzling. Search on Pinterest for some amazing ideas.

2. Create a Hanging Plant Jungle

With the help of macramé pot hangers you can add some real interest to your plant display. Hang them in various lengths or mix materials such as rope, yarn or jute to add interest. Alternate trailing plants with succulents for an eye-catching display. By using unusual, interesting looking plants such as “Peperomia Prostrata”, also called Turtles on a string, or Scindapsus “Silvery Ann” you are sure to capture a jungle feel. The hangers are readily available online.

3. Minimal light, yet great colors – make use of Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

With the help of this low maintenance plant you can add color even to a dimly lit corner of your room. Aglaonema comes in an amazing variety of colors, they are slow growing and have great foliage that adds interest to any Décor. Create a binary look by alternating two colors of the plant in contrasting pots or center one large pot with colorful foliage and surround it with smaller, round pots of the same make with a plainer looking variety – the possibilities are virtually endless. Most nurseries and home improvement stores carry at least one or two varieties of this plant.

4. Use bookshelves to display your plants

Everybody has some bookshelves, and even if you use them for books you can add plants in strategic spots to add interest to your room. Alternate succulent pots as bookends or to separate a serious your book series, let a trailing plant gently flow across multiple books or, if you want to create an urban jungle feel, fill up all the shelves with big, bushy plants and a variety of succulents.

5. Our favorite – a garden of microgreens

how to decorate with microgreens

Microgreens trays can be filled with a variety of healthy, edible greens. You can place the trays on a bookshelf, line them up on windowsills or even hang them. A microgreens growing kit is attractive enough to not only be placed in the kitchen but can add interest to a living room when placed as the focal point on a couch- or side table. An arrangement of wheat grass next to a tray of arugula or beets adds color, texture and real interest to any room. You even get to shape your little indoor garden by cutting greens whenever needed for a health boost. In Europe it is common to snack on a few greens while watching TV or have a tray of microgreens sitting on the breakfast table so they can readily be added to the eggs or toast. If you never thought of microgreens as a way of adding plants to your home decor, you should seriously reconsider!

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