Finding easy DIY star wars costumes to prepare at home

Whether it is a girl child or boy child, most of the kids love wearing the star war costumes to attend the various competitions and events in their schools. When your son or daughter would like to have the star war halloween costume, you can make your own star wars costumes just at home. Here are some useful tips and suggestions on a variety of star war costumes to easily prepare at your home.

Popular star war costumes:

  • Luke Skywalker Halloween Costume – The children of all age group will definitely love having a lightsaber and paying honour to this hero from the franchise. The moms can able to easily prepare this dress at your home by collecting the necessary items along with the preparation tutorial.
  • LEGO Star Wars Halloween Costumes – If your son or daughter loves LEGO & Star Wars, you can just stitch this costume simply at home. It is actually a creative homemade star wars costume which is crafted from the poster board, foam wreaths and also boxes.
  • Lando Calrissian Star Wars CostumeLando Calrissian Star Wars Costume – Most of the boy kids would want to wear this Lando Calrissian Star Wars costume which is extraordinary providing you a real hunter look. In the sea of the Han Solos, your son can stand out in this star war costume as the good guy from the 1980s.
  • Star Wars Hair and Makeup – In order to replicate both the Rey’s & Princess Leia’s hair and makeup style from the movies, it is absolutely the suitable costumes.
  • Bantha Dog Halloween costume – Even your four legged friends like dogs can able to involve in this theme of wearing the star war Halloween costume. In this way, Bantha dog Halloween costume is really one of the beautiful and easy star wars costumes for your dogs.
  • Princess Leia Halloween costume – When you are looking to wear the princess like star war costume, it is definitely the best choice at all.
  • C-3PO Halloween costume – When your boy kid wears this C-3PO Halloween costume, he can probably stay golden in this robot star war costume for Halloween.
  • BB-8 Star Wars costume – If you are looking to make star wars costumes for babies, you can easily prepare this BB-8 costume at home. It is surely very cute and your baby will look very pretty in this costume.
  • Chewbacca Wookie Costume – It is pretty star war costume for the toddlers and this costume will surely provide the most impressive look to your kid.
  • Star Wars Stormtrooper costume – This costume can be easily prepared at your home and you just need to buy a mask suitable for it.
  • Luke with Tauntaun star war costume – It is the epic Luke Skywalker costume which will only complete with the Tauntaun for impressive look.


The Star Wars Halloween costumes are not limited to these things and there are a lot more others available to easily stitch at home for your children.